Agrarian and Rural History, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences / Sweden

Agrarian and Rural History was established as a specific field of research in 1994 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. The section holds the only professorship in Agrarian and Rural history in Sweden and employs about ten scholars, teachers, post docs and PhD students, with backgrounds in natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. The broad field offers a creative interdisciplinary research environment that has examined a significant number of PhD students over the years. The graduate teaching is primarily directed to agronomy students at the university but welcomes other students as well. The section arranges seminars and cooperates with other universities and institutions in various aspects of agrarian and rural history. The topics are wide and so is the time perspective that ranges from medieval times to the present and includes la longe durée as well as detailed studies. Among the topics are: Historical landscapes, common pool resources, technologies, history of animal husbandry, horticulture and agricultural systems.