AgrHistory Lab - Progressus Study Center / Italy

Agrhistory Lab is the fruit of a collaboration protocol between Associazione per la storia sociale del Mezzogiorno e dell’area mediterranea, Centro Studi Progressus and Fondazione Bianca Piccolomini Clementini Onlus, whose main purpose is the deep analysis of the rural history according to its economic aspects on a multidisciplinary key. The Lab’s mission doesn’t only have a cultural connotation but it is also addressed to all those subjects (academies, research centres, institutions and universities) involved in agriculture and landascape safeguard also under a scientific approach. In addition, Agrhistory Lab wants to be a platform where the dialogue between the institutions and the elaboration and development of projects for rediscovering and valuing the historical cultivations could find their seat. Agrhistory Lab also aims to ‘build networks’ between those realities treating agriculture and cultivations thematics both in Italy and abroad, in order to favour a continuous dialogue for research improvements; The collaboration between Tuscany and Basilicata regions is an example of building networks.