The International Research Network of the CNRS (GDRI) CRICEC, Crises and Changes in the European Countryside in the long term, grew out of the ERHIMOR research team (Équipe de Recherches pour l’Histoire du Monde Rural), which is itself part of the Centre de Recherches Historiques, a CNRS – EHESS laboratory. The purpose of the network is to increase and strengthen contacts, connections and comparisons at the European level and to use historical experience to develop methods for understanding present-day societies. It brings together teams from Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Sweden in a common project.

Its work is centred on the crises and changes in the rural world over the very long term. It examines the impact of crises on changes in the countryside and, conversely, the impact of these rural transformations on the origins and resolution of crises. The work will be organised around five main themes: food supply; the process of land acquisition; ecological disasters linked to climate change such as soil destruction; processes of impoverishment and enrichment and family strategies of reproduction, accumulation and upward social mobility; the role of public policy in developing the countryside and protecting against agricultural disasters.