Gesellschaft für Agrargeschichte / Germany

The German Gesellschaft für Agrargeschichte (GfA) was founded in 1953 as a union of scholars and other persons with a professional or personal interest in rural history. In 2012 it merged with the Arbeitskreis für Agrargeschichte (AkA), established in 1994 as a forum for new approaches in rural history. Since then about 250 researchers, scientific institutions, rural associations, business companies and individuals have joined the GfA.

Rural history covers a wide range of questions, from agriculture and horticulture, rural demography, social conditions in the countryside, the town-country relationship to village culture. The GfA aims to stimulate research in all aspects of the history of agriculture and rural society. Furthermore, it intends to facilitate public access to all related topics. The association is also concerned with the protection of rural cultural heritage.