Interfaculty Center for Agrarian History, Leuven University / Belgium

The Interfaculty Centre for Agrarian History (in Dutch ICAG) is an interdisciplinary research centre, created in 2001 at the K.U.Leuven. ICAG aims to support, stimulate and launch new scientific research on the history of agriculture, rural landscape and the food chain in Flanders (19th and 20th century) in national and international context. As a joint initiative from experts in several academic disciplines, ICAG gives priority to comparative multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research – specifically that throws a new light on historic and current, nowadays mutations of the rural landscape and food chain. Additionally, the influence of several variables is examined: e.g. soil, landscape, urban planning, agricultural science and technology, demographics, economy, stat policy, public image-forming, ideology, social movements etc.
ICAG annually organizes a series of seminars, a conference for a diverse public, as well as several congresses and symposia.