Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest / Hungary

The Museum and Library of Hungarian Agriculture was established in 1896. From its inception the institution has been under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture. Its two main units are the museum that keeps over 400,000 artefacts and the specialist library that houses nearly half a million volumes of books and documents. The museum collects and exhibits objects and documents relating to every aspect of agriculture. The atmospheric building complex is situated close to the city centre. It is an important starting point for research concerning rural life and agricultural history. Research results are published in Hungarian and foreign language journals and transactions. In a framework of national and international cooperation it maintains close links to several universities, specialist institutions, museums and libraries. Its location in City Park gives an opportunity for producers and consumers to meet at festivals or trade events both within and outside the walls of the building. At its various industry-related events (such as produce fairs or vocational programmes) current representatives of the profession have an opportunity to present themselves. The museum organises several academic conferences, and also serves as a venue for meetings and workshops. The museum has regional branches at Cece, Lajosmizse and Keszthely. Apart from an exhibition space of 5200 sq metres the museum also has rooms suitable for conferences and receptions.