Rural History 2015

Girona, Spain

The conference Rural History 2015 took place in Girona, Spain. The conference was an invaluable opportunity to present and know the current research stage in different thematic and chronological areas of rural history, a branch of historical knowledge where teamwork, the comparative perspective and interdisciplinary dialogue have a long tradition. The Spanish Agricultural History Society and the Rural History Research Centre of the University of Girona, each one with more than a quarter century of existence, are two examples of the collective work potential in this field and the need for international collaboration. Both organisations have participated in the COST A35 from 2005 to 2009 as well as in the process of creating and consolidating the EURHO since 2010. By organising the Rural History 2015 conference, the SEHA and the CRHR assumed the need for constant renewal of the discipline and to further our aim to open up worldwide

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