Young Alpine Researcher Award

RHN 8/2013 | Opportunity

Organiser: Revue de Géographie Alpine / Journal of Alpine Research (RGA/JAR)

Deadline: 30 April 2013

On the occasion of its centenary (1913 – 2013), the Revue de Géographie Alpine Journal of Alpine Research (RGA/JAR) is holding a competition for young researchers working in Alpine studies.

The RGA/JAR, one of the oldest geographical journals in circulation, celebrates its centenary in 2013. In keeping with its well-established spirit of renewal and anticipation of the future, qualities that have helped contribute to the publication’s longevity, the journal is seeking to promote the work of young researchers by organizing a competition to select and publish the six best papers on Alpine research. PhD, post-doc and master’s students are invited to submit scientific papers based on their research. Papers will be evaluated according to standard scientific publishing criteria and a jury will select the 6 best articles to be published in the journal, in both French and English (and possibly one other language used in Alpine countries). The best contribution will be awarded a prize of 500 euros.

Competition rules:
The paper has to be concerned with recent research on the Alps or a context that includes the Alps, such as a comparative study dealing with the Alps and another mountain area. The jury will also be looking for innovation in research topic, approach and methodology. Recent research is defined as research that is ongoing or has been evaluated by a university or research institute since the beginning of 2011. Young researcher is defined as a contributor who is no more than 30 years old. The article must not exceed 30,000 characters (spaces included) and must be written in accordance with RGA/JAR rules of publication (see Appendix), except concerning the language of publication (see below). A recommendation from one of the contributor’s scientific supervisors must accompany the contribution. It must not exceed one half-page of A4 paper. An article can be submitted in any official language of the Alpine countries, or in English. The papers selected will then be translated into English and/or French by the RGA/JAR. An article submitted in a language of the Alpine countries other than French may also be published in this language.

The RGA/JAR is an open-access journal. An annual paper edition containing all the scientific articles posted on line during the year is also published. The articles selected from this competition will therefore be published on line and in the annual paper edition. An electronic copy must be provided in Word and in PDF format. Contributions should be sent to

Submission deadline: April 30, 2013
Rules for publication