Rural History 24 (2013), 1

RHN 35/2013 | Publication

Rural History. Economy, Society, Culture 61 (2013), 1. Special Issue: Poverty and Mobility in England, 1600–1850


Editorial: Poverty and Mobility in England, 1600–1850
David Hitchcock

The Pennyles Pilgrimage of John Taylor: Poverty, Mobility and Performance in Seventeenth-Century Literary Circles
Julie Sanders
pp. 9-24

'Furiously Mad': Vagrancy Law and a Sub-Group of the Disorderly Poor
Audrey Eccles
pp. 25-40

Irus and his Jovial Crew: Representations of Beggars in Vincent Bourne and other Eighteenth-Century Writers of Latin Verse
John T. Gilmore
pp. 41-57

The London Vagrancy Crisis of the 1780s
Tim Hitchcock
pp. 59-72

In or Out of their Place: The Migrant Poor in English Art, 1740–1900
K.D.M. Snell
pp. 73-100