Global History of Agrarian Labor Regimes

RHN 39/2013 | Event

Organiser: Weatherhead Initiative on Global History (WIGH) at Harvard University
25-27 April 2013, Harvard University, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, 27, Kirkland Street, Cambridge, MA, USA

Conference: Global History of Agrarian Labor Regimes, 1750-2000

During the past 250 years, agrarian labor regimes throughout much of the world have undergone radical changes, with an impact on billions of people. The transformation of the global countryside might indeed be one of the most significant historical processes of the modern era. This conference will explore the connected histories of propertied farming, sharecropping, wage labor, slavery, cultures obligatoires, and other such forms of labor, and how they have been connected to the spatial and social spread of capitalism.

This conference is open to the interested public. If you plan to attend, we request that you contact Jessica Barnard so we can estimate the number of participants.

See website for Conference Program.

Source: H-Rural