Agricultural History 87 (2013), 2

RHN 60/2013 | Publication


Stretching Time, Collapsing Space: How New Jersey Market Gardeners Used Technology to Control Production, 1838-1876
Geoff D. Zylstra
pp. 144-169

Southern Segregation South Africa-Style: Maurice Evans, Clarence Poe, and the Ideology of Rural Segregation
Elizabeth A. Herbin-Triant
pp. 170-193

Agricultural History Talks to Karen-Beth G. Scholthof
pp. 194-200

The State, Scientists, and Staple Crops: Agricultural "Modernization" in Pre-Green Revolution India
Madhumita Saha
pp. 201-223

Reaping the Judenfrage: Jewish Wine Merchants in Central Europe before World War I
Kevin D. Goldberg
pp. 224-245

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