Call for nominations: EURHO regional representatives

RHN 87/2013 | Call/EURHO

The EURHO's Management Committee includes regional representatives which are to be nominated by the individual members of the respective region according to their normal place of residence: (i) Scandinavia, (ii) North-West Europe (Ireland, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), (iii) South-West Europe (France, Spain and Portugal), (iv) Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland and Austria), (v) Eastern Europe (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the states of the former USSR) and (vi) Southern Europe (Italy, Greece, the former Yugoslav states, Bulgaria and Romania). Each region is being represented by one person; moreover, there shall be two representatives drawn from the rest of the world. Each candidate shall require two nominations from individual members in the geographical category for which the nomination is being made. In the event of there being more than one nomination to any one of these regions, the Secretary shall arrange for a ballot to be held at the main conference in advance of the General Meeting, those individual members from the area in question being entitled to vote.

At the conference Rural History 2010 in Brighton the following regional representatives were nominated:
(i) Scandinavia: Mats Morell (Sweden)
(ii) North-West Europe: Erik Thoen (Belgium)
(iii) South-West Europe: Gérard Béaur (France)
(iv) Central Europe: Anne-Lise Head-König (Switzerland)
(v) Eastern Europe: Zsuzsanna Varga (Hungary)
(vi) Southern Europe: Socrates Petmezas (Greece)
(vii) Rest of the world: -

Each individual member may propose the already nominated person or another person from your region by 8 August 2013 via email to the Secretary ( Please provide your full name and address so that we can identify the respective region.

Ernst Langthaler, Secretary