EURHO General Meeting held in Bern

EURHO transparent (photo: Kurt Graf)EURHO transparent (photo: Kurt Graf)

RHN 96/2013 | EURHO

The General Meeting of the EURHO took place in Bern on 22 August 2013. There were 53 individual members present. After the President's welcome address, the Secretary presented the report for the period 2012-13 which was approved by the General Meeting. Afterwards, the Treasurer presented the annual budgets for 2013 and 2014 which were approved as well. He also announced the scientific institutions which had been accepted as members of the EURHO by the Management Committee. For the coming term of office, the Management Committee had nominated the same Officers as had already been active: Richard Hoyle as President, Rosa Congost and Leen Van Molle as Vice-Presidents, Ernst Langthaler as Secretary and Peter Moser as Treasurer. Johannes Bracht and Ulrich Schwarz were nominated as Auditors. This propsal was approved by the General Meeting. The President concluded by expressing his confidence in the thriving development of the EURHO in the next years.