The Agro-Food Market: Production, Distribution and Consumption

RHN 98/2013 | Publication

Leen Van Molle/ Yves Segers (eds.), The Agro-Food Market: Production, Distribution and Consumption (Rural Economy and Society in North-Western Europe, 500-2000), Brepols: Turnhout 2013.

Agriculture and nourishment are, from early times and up to now, crucial elements in the development of market systems. Shortage and surplus gave shape to different forms of exchange and sale, to the dynamics of supply and demand, and to expanding interconnections between regions and social groups. Farmers learned to adapt their production to market conditions and to the shifting needs and tastes of a growing and demanding public. But the path from a self-supporting way of life to the present forms of market integration in the complex, global world was far from uniform and linear. Food production, market structures and market mechanisms changed over time and differed between regions and countries of the North Sea area. This volume aims at exploring and unravelling the complexity of the agro-food market, from the field to the table.