Call for Papers: “Rural tourism as a tool for rural development in times of crisis”

RHN 122/2013 | Call

AGER. Journal of Depopulation and Rural Development Studies

Guest Editors: Elisabete Figueiredo, Antonio Raschi and Rosario Sampedro.

Deadline: 30 November 2014

Open call for papers to a monographic issue of Ager. Journal of Depopulation and Rural Development Studies

"Rural tourism as a tool for rural development in times of crisis"

Rural tourism has attracted increasing interest from academics and policy makers in last decades. Deeply related to the countryside’s popularity amongst urban populations, the decline and change of traditionally dominant agricultural and productive functions, and the potential development of rural areas as a place of hedonic consumption, rural tourism has been conceived as a major tool of rural development.

The current economic and financial crisis is may have relevant negative impacts on rural areas through the deterioration of socioeconomic fabrics or, on the contrary, may represent important opportunities in some cases for repositioning rural areas and rural tourism enterprises. In this context rural tourism can be analysed from geographical, sociological, cultural, economic, ecological, political, rural development, and from market and marketing perspectives, in order to identify and understand new meanings and opportunities, as well as challenges and difficulties.

This monographic issue of AGER aims to contribute to in depth discussion of rural tourism, its manifestations, meanings, impacts and evolution, contributing to current reflections on the potential and limitations of rural tourism as a development tool in times of crisis. Papers are welcomed to address and discuss the following topics:

  • The role of rural tourism activities in the past, present and future development of rural areas.
  • The experience of rural tourism, having in mind both the rural tourists (their motivations, perceptions, memories and imagination) and the rural residents (their experience with tourists).
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation for quality rural tourism experiences.
  • Networks and strategic partnership for enhancing sustainable development through rural tourism experiences.
  • The strategies of survival and resilience of rural tourism enterprises in a context of economic crisis (e.g. development of new products; new markets; new connections and networks).
  • The changes and impacts of legal, institutional and political framework for rural tourism and rural development under a context of economic crisis.

Papers should be written in English and follow publication rules of AGER (see on Manuscripts must be sent to e-mail addresses: and