Historia Agraria 61 (December 2013)

RHN 156/2013 | Publication


Indebtedness for consumption and investment. The economic role of obligations in a small rural town of Valencia: Castellón de la Plana in 1499
Pau Viciano

Clashes over rural lands. Conflict and politics in the mountains of Cuenca during the Restoration
Óscar Bascuñán Añover

A century without innovation in cork stripping
José Ignacio Jiménez Blanco

Losing wealth or restricting the poison? Changing opium policies in early republican Turkey, 1923-1945
Özgür Burçak Gürsoy

Agronomic engineering at the crossroads. The national congress of 1950
Carlos Barciela López y Mª Inmaculada López Ortiz

Democratising democracy. Gender strategies of female agricultural workers in Spain (1977-1990)
Teresa María Ortega López

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