Food & History 11 (2013), 1

RHN 158/2013 | Publication


Meals in Medieval Korea
Yeon-Sik Chung
pp. 1-18

Fish of the Fields: Aubergines in the Ottoman Period
Priscilla Mary Işın
pp. 19-34

Making Waterfowl Safe to Eat: Medical Opinion, Cookbooks and Food Purchases in Early Seventeenth-century England
Paul Lloyd
pp. 35-55

Mountain Food or the Common Ground of Milk and Coca: On the Relationship between Alpine and Andean Landscapes and Food in Literature
Martina Kopf
pp. 57-73

Das elektrische Kochen – Die vollelektrische Küche als Leitbild moderner Haushaltsführung
Sonja Petersen
pp. 75-106

Carin Boalt and her 27,000 Meals
Marianne Pipping Ekström
pp. 107-122

Ready Meals and Cultural Values in the Netherlands, 1950-1970
Jon Verriet
pp. 123-153

À table: an exploration of the uses of food in Jean Renoir’s La Grande Illusion, 1937
Carmel O’Reilly
pp. 155-175

“In der Not frißt der Teufel Fliegen”: Hitler, homnivore
Tristan Landry
pp. 177-202

“There is no such thing as Dian cuisine!” Food and local identity in urban Southwest China
Jakob A. Klein
pp. 203-225

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