Agricultural History 88 (2014), 1

RHN 14/2014 | Publication


Persistence, Change, and Thinking Big about Small Places: Some Thoughts about the Practical Applications of Rural and Agricultural History
Pamela Riney-Kehrberg
pp. 2-17

Agricultural HistoryTalks to Pamela Riney-Kehrberg
pp. 18-21

Searching for the Soviet Dream: Prosperity and Disillusionment on the Soviet Seattle Agricultural Commune, 1922-1927
Seth Bernstein and Robert Cherny
pp. 22-44

Buildings as Sources for US Agricultural History
Sally McMurry
pp. 45-67

Why Panaceas Work: Recasting Science, Knowledge, and Fertilizer Interests in German Agriculture
Frank Uekötter
pp. 68-86

Producing a Past: McCormick Harvester and Producer Populists in the 1890s
Daniel Ott
pp. 87-119

Mark R. Finlay (1960 - 2013): A Memorial
Alan I Marcus
pp. 120-127

Jason Manthorne (1982-2013)
James C. Giesen
pp. 128-129

Joan Thirsk (1922-2013): An Obituary
Paul Brassley
pp. 130-132

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