Workers of the World: International Journal of Strikes and Social Conflicts 1 (2014), 5

RHN 77/2014 | Publication

“Conflict in the contemporary rural world.
New interpretations of an old problem”

Special issue edited by Histagra - Research Group on the Agrarian and Political History of the Rural World, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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Letter from the Editor
António Simões do Paço

Introduction: conflict in the contemporary rural world. New interpretations of an old problem

Hegemony, the agrarian problem and indigenous peoples in Mexico: a legal perspective
Carlos Humberto Durand Alcántara

Popular empowerment, peasant struggles and political change: southern Catalonia under late Francoism (1968-1976)
Cristian Ferrer González

Community, institutions and environment in conflicts over common lands in Galicia, northwest Spain (18th - 20th centuries)
David Soto Fernández

Migrant farmworkers in southern Italy: ghettoes, *caporalato* and collective action
Domenico Perrotta and Devi Sacchetto

The fight against multiple professional land holdings: a new agrarian issue during France’s “silent revolution” (1950-1970)
Édouard Lynch

Globalizing local struggles – localizing global struggles. Peasant movements from local to global platforms and back again.
Eric Vanhaute

Peasants and the Revolution of 1781 in the Viceroyalty of New Granada (Colombia)
Héctor J. Martínez Covaleda

The Spanish Communist Party and the Andalusian countryside: rural mobilization and social empowerment (1956-1979)
María Candelaria Fuentes Navarro

Between “resistance” to the war and social conflict. Revolts and “peasant republics” in southern Italy, 1943-1945
Massimo Asta

Peasant cooperatives and land occupations in the Sicilian latifundium (1944-1950)
Niccolò Mignemi

Land conflicts in Formosa, Argentina (1884-1958)
Noemí M. Girbal-Blacha

Political opportunity and collective mobilization in post-revolutionary Portugal – the case of environmental conflict in the Portuguese inland (1974-1980)
Pedro Gabriel Silva