Agricultural History 88 (2014), 3

RHN 81/2014 | Publication

Agricultural History, Summer 2014, 88:3

Table of Contents:

"My Father’s Past, My Children’s Future: Agrarian Identity and a Powerline in Minnesota, 1974-1980"
John Byczynski

"The New English Weekly and the British Organic Husbandry Movement: A Reassessment"
Jeremy Diaper

“’A Cosmopolitan Weed of the World’: Following Bermudagrass”
Albert G. Way

"Atomic Agriculture: Policymaking, Food Production, and Nuclear Technologies in the United States, 1945-1960"
Neil Oatsvall

"Where Dollars Grow on Trees”: The Promise and Reality of Irrigated Farming in Central Washington, 1890-1910"
Amanda Van Lanen

"Does Crop Determine Culture?"
Barbara Hahn, Tiago Saravia, Paul W. Rhode, Peter Coclanis, and Claire Strom