Rural History 25 (2014), 2

RHN 98/2014 | Publication

Rural History. Economy, Society, Culture

Volume 25 - Issue 02 – Oktober 2014


‘Some inhuman wretch’: Animal Maiming and the Ambivalent Relationship between Rural Workers and Animals
Carl J. Griffin

pp. 133-160

Women Farmers of Snowdonia, 1750–1900
Frances Richardson

pp. 161-181

Matt Harris and the Irish Land Question, 1876–1882
Brian Casey

pp. 183-201

The Role of Social Networks in Agricultural Innovation: The Sutherland Reclamations and the Fowler Steam Plough, c.1855-c.1885
Annie Tindley and Andrew Wodehouse
pp. 203-222

Photography and the Rural Press, 1880–1939
Jonathan Brown

pp. 223-241

The End of Sharecropping in Central Italy after 1945: The Role of Mechanisation in the Changing Relationship between Peasant Families and Land
Stuart Oglethorpe

pp. 243-260

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