Workshop 'Common People, Common Rules'

RHN 103/2014 | Event

Organisers: José-Miguel Lana (Public University of Navarre) - Tine de Moor (Utrecht University) - Angus Winchester (Lancaster University) - Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi (Univeristy of Zaragoza) - Miguel Laborda-Pemán (Utrecht University)

30-31 October 2014,

Faculty of Business & Economic Sciences Faculty’s Meeting Room, Public University of Navarre Pamplona-Iruña

IV International Workshop on History and the Commons:
Common People, Common Rules.
Institutions and self-governance in historical perspective.

Collective ownership and resource management is currently an important research topic among historians, anthropologists, legal experts, economists, sociologists and political scientists, not least as a consequence of the challenges the world is facing regarding the management of natural resources. Collective designs of regulations and practices, together with monitoring and enforcement mechanisms, have been identified as features needed to promote long-standing collective institutions.

At the workshop we aim at understanding how efficient and effective regulation can be developed, in a context of self-governing, collective institutions, both in rural and urban contexts. Many questions still remain unanswered:

  • How did stakeholders make sure that the body of rules they designed remained effective, efficient and sufficiently simple for all to understand and apply?
  • Were old rules replaced by entirely new ones, or were they simply adjusted to the new circumstances?
  • Were rules always designed according to what the local users thought was needed, or were rules copied from other examples in the vicinity?
  • How did rule-makers ensure that sanctions were avoided as much as possible?
  • What level of sanctioning was sufficient to scare off potential free-riders?

Programme (PDF)

Website of the Workshop Common People, Common Rules.


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Source: José-Miguel Lana