Agricultural History 88 (2014), 4

RHN 114/2014 | Publication

Agricultural History, Fall 2014, 88:4

Table of Contents:

"Barbed and Dangerous: Constructing the Meaning of Barbed Wire in Late Nineteenth-Century America" 

Lyn Ellen Bennett and Scott Abbott

"The New Egypt, Pima Cotton, and the Role of Native Wage Labor on the Cooperative Testing and Demonstration Farm, Sacaton, Arizona, 1907-1917"
Jennifer Bess

“Strewn Knee Deep in Literature:” A Material Analysis of Print Propaganda and Woman Suffrage
Sara Egge

"On Green Revolutions and Golden Beans: Memories and Metaphors of Costa Rican Coffee Co-op Founders"
Lowell Gudmundson

"A “Bovine Glamour Girl”: Borden Milk, Elsie the Cow, and the Convergence of Technology, Animals, and Gender at the 1939 New York World’s Fair"
Anna Thompson Hajdik

"An Alternative Means of Field Research: Extending Material Culture Analysis to Farm Implements"
Cameron L. Saffell