Land Use and Management in Western Europe (12th-15th centuries)

RHN 134/2014 | Event

Organisers: Antoni Furió and Luis Almenar (Universitat de València)

18-19 December 2014, University of Valencia, Faculty of Geography and History (‘Facultat de Geografia i Història‘), Valencia, Spain

International seminar on medieval rural history:
Land Use and Management in Western Europe 
(12th-15th centuries)

The old view of the medieval countryside as a static, locked reality has been progressively challenged in recent research. Words such as ‘dynamism’, ‘profit-seeking’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ are at the forefront of rural historians’ work, which have been able to move the origins of the economic growth back to the central centuries of the Middle Ages.

‘Land Use and Management in Western Europe’ is an international meeting of medieval rural historians from British, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan and Belgian universities, whose research have contributed to that renewed perspective in a number of senses. In this meeting they will compare and discuss their results hitherto so as to establish networks and future comparative projects.


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