Agricultural History Review 62 (2014), 2

RHN 6/2015 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2014, 62:2

Table of Contents:

The imperial abbey of Ellwangen and its tenants: a study of the polyptych of 1337 

Shami Ghosh

The transformation of customary tenures in southern England, c.1350 to c.1500
Mark Bailey

Polder mania or marsh fever? Risk and risk management in early modern drainage projects: the case of the Kallo polder, Flanders, 1649 to 1662
Tim Soens and Pieter De Graef

Controlling the commoners: Methods to prevent, detect, and punish free-riding on Dutch commons in the early modern period
René van Weeren and Tine De Moor

Winners and losers: who gained from land auctions at parliamentary enclosures in England?
John Chapman

Science, disease and dairy production in Britain, c.1927 to 1980
Abigail Woods

The emergence of agribusiness in Europe and the development of the Western European broiler chicken industry, 1945 to 1973
Andrew Godley

Irish agriculture and agricultural policy during the hot, dry summer of 1976
David Stead