Agricultural History 89 (2015), 2

RHN 37/2015 | Publication

Agricultural History, Spring 2015, 89:2

Table of Contents:

The Morrill Mandate and a New Moral Mandate

Carolyn B. Brooks and Alan I Marcus

Turning the Earth: Free Black Yeomanry in the Antebellum South Carolina Lowcountry
David W. Dangerfield

Illuminating Ephemeral Medieval Agricultural History through Manuscript Art
Dolly Jørgensen

Forging the Colonial State as an Arbiter of Internal Boundaries: Japanese Colonial Rule and the Agrarian Relational Shift in Korea
Jin-Yeon Kang

Aviation’s Heartland: The Flying Farmers and Postwar Flight
Peter Simons

Milking Science for its Worth: The Reform of the British Milk Trade in the Late Nineteenth Century
Jacob Steere-Williams