Agricultural History Review 63 (2015), 1

RHN 67/2015 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2015, 63:1

Table of Contents:

Peasants eating and drinking

Jean Birrell

The contribution of legumes to the diet of English peasants and farm servants, c.1300
Hugo J. P. La Poutré

The creation of ring-fence farms: some observations from eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Northumberland
Ronan O’Donnell

Seasonal patterns in food markets in north-west Europe in the second quarter of the nineteenth century: the evidence of periodic markets in France, England, and Belgium, 1820 to 1850
Laurent Herment and Wouter Ronsijn

Competing forms of cooperation? Land League, Land War and cooperation in Ireland, 1879 to 1914
Eoin McLaughlin

Casual workers, collective action and anarcho-syndicalism in southern Spain: Jerez de la Frontera, 1882 to 1933
Enrique Montañes and James Simpson

Patterns and causes of the growth of European agricultural production, 1950 to 2005
Miguel Martín-Retortillo and Vicente Pinilla