Agricultural History 89 (2015), 3

RHN 73/2015 | Publication

Agricultural History, Summer 2015, 89:3

Table of Contents:

Village Entrepreneurs: The Economic Foundations of Valencian Rural Elites in the Fifteenth Century
Frederic Aparisi

Reading Stone and Steel: Statues as Primary Sources for Agricultural History
James C. Giesen and Anne E. Marshall

Can You be a Productive Scholar at a Teaching Institution? Yes, with Mindfulness and Planning
Melissa Walker

Revisiting Rural Women's History
Linda M. Ambrose, Jenny Barker Devine and Jeannie Whayne

Bondswomen's Work on the Cotton Frontier: Wagram Plantation, Arkansas
Kelly Houston Jones

Women and Rural Social Reform in the 1870s and 1880s: Clara Bewick Colby's “Farmers' Wives”
Kristin Mapel Bloomberg

The Meanings of Independence in the Oral Autobiographies of Rural Women in Twentieth-Century New York
Grey Osterud