Call for Papers: Feeding cities in history – the rural geography of urban food security

RHN 89/2015 | Call

Journal: Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History

Manuscripts should be submitted by 31 January 2016

Special collection
Feeding cities in history
the rural geography of urban food security

We are inviting manuscripts for a special collection addressing historical urban food provision. The special collection aims to explore how food provision was secured and managed historically in towns and cities in Europe and worldwide in a long term perspective. The goal is to gather research from various disciplines around three themes sketched below, to better understand the management, roles and functions of urban food producing landscapes historically.

We invite scholars from a multitude of disciplines to contribute to explore the rural geographies of urban food producing landscapes, to reach a better understanding of how cities were fed historically. The main questions the special collection seeks to answer are how how food production within cities has been managed historically, how urban food markets were linked, not only to rural hinterland but also to urban cultivation, and how urban food security was managed by towns locally, also in times of crises. The three themes developed below involve 1) historical urban agriculture, 2) historical urban food trade and 3) urban food production in times of crises.

For consideration for inclusion in the special collection, manuscripts should be submitted by January 31, 2016 via the online submission system.

Submissions should be made according to the journal guidelines. If you would like to discuss a submission prior to submitting your files, please contact the journal or guest editors (Annika Björklund & Mats Berglund).