Letter from the Founding President

(photo: Kurt Graf)(photo: Kurt Graf)

RHN 105/2015 | EURHO

Colleagues. members and friends of EURHO,

I have two remaining duties as President of EURHO. The first is to offer my thanks, on behalf of the Society but especially all of those who were present in Girona, to Rosa Congost and her team for running a truly wonderful conference. I am sure that everyone left with fond memories, not only of the university and the town, but of conversations with old and new friends, presentations that provoked fruitful ideas, sessions which opened up whole new areas of research. I imagine that I was not alone in leaving Girona with ideas for what I want to talk about in Leuven in two years’ time. We are not only grateful to Rosa for bringing us to Girona, but for running such a faultless conference. She deserves all our congratulations.

The second matter is simply to thank the Society for allowing me to be its founding President. It has been great fun. When we launched the Brighton conference, we had little idea of what to expect, and now, we have not only had two EURHO conferences but we have the Society too. Both have become indelible parts of the landscape. We have created and nurtured something very important, something very special. I have been well supported as President by Ernst Langthaler and Peter Moser – Peter, of course, a conference organiser himself. And I would particularly like to mention Ulrich Schwarz as the editor of the increasingly indispensible email newsletter. Send him your news! I leave the Society in their capable hands, with Rosa Congost as my successor as President, and Leen van Molle as the organiser of the next conference, in Leuven on 11-14 September 2017. I look forwards to seeing many of you at Leuven in two years.

Richard Hoyle