British Farm Surveys, 1941 to 1943: Reports and statistical analysis

RHN 116/2015 | Publication

British farm surveys 1941 to 1943: the national farm survey of England and Wales and the agricultural survey in Scotland: reports and statistical analysis, edited by Oliver Finnegan and Catherine Glover, with an introduction by Richard W. Hoyle.

Kew, Surrey: List and Index Society, 2014.

In 1941 the government launched a comprehensive survey of individual farms, which has come to be known as the National Farm Survey of England and Wales. A similar survey was done in Scotland, though it was based on a sample. The detailed county reports for England and Wales have remained largely unnoticed and certainly unexploited in MAF 38/852–863 at the National Archives.

A transcription of these county reports is published here on a CD-ROM. The accompanying book includes an introduction to the survey, a facsimile of the published Summary Report, a sample county report (Bedfordshire) and a transcription of a typescript of the Agricultural Survey in Scotland, MAF 38/217.

Read the Introduction on the List and Index Society website (PDF).