Posthumus 2016 Conference - Sustainability in History

RHN 17/2016 | Event

Organisers: Wageningen Rural and Environmental History Group

27-28 May 2016, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Posthumus 2016 Conference - Sustainability in History
The pre-registration of the Posthumus-Conference 2016 is now available

The Posthumus 2016 conference will take place in Wageningen from Friday 27th May till Saturday 28th May. The general theme of the conference is Sustainability in History. We are glad that prof. dr Bruce Campbell of the Queen’s University Belfast has accepted our invitation to give the keynote-speech. This will be related to his latest book (to be published in 2016 by CUP) titled The Great Transition: Climate, Disease and Society in the Late Medieval World.

As usual this is a conference for and by the community of economic and social historians affiliated to the NW Posthumus Institute and other practitioners of the field. This implies that part of the sessions will be organised by the PhD-researchers (co-ordinated by Jacob Zuijderduijn) and the other part by the research-program directors (co-ordinated by Jeroen Touwen). This will provide us with a stimulating program on ongoing research in economic and social history. If you want to propose a session outside these frameworks, please contact Anton Schuurman (as contact-person for the local organisation committee). There will be only a very few time-slots available for these kind of sessions.

We ask you to pre-register with this form. It will provide us with the necessary information for the organisation of the conference.