Historia Agraria 68 (April 2016)

RHN 25/2016 | Publication

Historia Agraria: revista de agricultura e historia rural, April 2016, 68

Table of Contents:

Prior to hydraulic policies: water management during Spains Liberal State (1833-1866)
Salvador Calatayud

Intercommunity institutions for the collective management of irrigation. The failure of the Sindicato General de Riegos del Turia (1850-1883)
Carles Sanchis Ibor

Dwindling olive tree groves in the Balearic Islands: a trend contrary to the general tendency in Spain (1800-1960)
Antònia Morey Tous & Ramón Molina de Dios

A conquest of rice: agricultural expansion, impoverishment, and malaria in Turkey
Kyle T. Evered & Emine Ö. Evered

Significance and historicity of the farm landscape of the Northern Calchaquí Valley (Salta, Argentina)
María Cecilia Páez, Gimena Alé Marinangeli & María Eugenia Prieto

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