Rural History 27 (2016), 1

RHN 26/2016 | Publication

Rural History. Economy, Society, Culture

Volume 27 - Issue 01 – April 2016

Table of Contents:

Midwives of Sixteenth-Century Rural East Anglia
Julia Allison

The Affair of the Pigeon Droppings: Rural Schoolmasters in Eighteenth-Century France
Karen E. Carter

From the Caribbean to the Scottish Highlands: Charitable Enterprise in the Age of Improvement, c.1750 to c.1820
S. Karly Kehoe

Alpine Agency: Locals, Mountaineers and Tourism in the Eastern Alps, c. 1860–1914
Ben Anderson

‘An incredibly vile sport’: Campaigns against Otter Hunting in Britain, 1900–39
Daniel Allen and Charles Watkins and David Matless

‘School Milk’ in the Context of the Australian Dairy Industry
Virginia Thorley

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