Agrarian Technology in the Medieval Landscape

RHN 52/2016 | Publication

Jan Klapste (ed.), Agrarian Technology in the Medieval Landscape (= Ruralia X), Brepols: Turnhout 2016.

Ruralia X includes 27 papers dealing with agrarian technologies in the medieval landscape as seen in different European countries. The subject areas include cultivation, livestock husbandry, gardening, viticulture and woodland management – interpreting the concept of agrarian production in a broad sense – studied mainly on the basis of archaeology, but also using iconography, documentary evidence and archaeo-environmental approaches.

Ruralia X, marks an important step on the way towards interpreting innovation, as well as understanding the varieties of agrarian activity from a Europe-wide perspective.

Authors from 14 countries provide a broad overview of the current issues, complemented by extensive bibliographies. Ruralia X represents one of the current fields of European archaeological research and offers a solid foundation for further comparative studies.

Table of Contents