Cahiers du Monde Russe 57 (2016), 1

RHN 57/2016 | Publication

Cahiers du Monde Russe, Vol. 57 - 2016/1

Table of Contents:

Expertise and the quest for rural modernization in the Russian empire and the Soviet Union 

Katja Bruisch and Klaus Gestwa

Blurred lines
Land surveying and the creation of landed property in nineteenth-century Russia
Igor Khristoforov

Agrarian experts and social justice
Land allotment norms in revolution and Civil War, 1917-1920
David Darrow

The soviet village revisited
Household farming and the changing image of socialism in the late Soviet period
Katja Bruisch

Sweet development
The sugar beet industry, agricultural societies and agrarian transformations in the Russian empire 1818-1913
Susan Smith Peter

Engineering empire
Russian and foreign hydraulic experts in Central Asia, 1887-1917
Maya K. Peterson

Privatiser l’agriculture en URSS
Économistes réformistes et pouvoir politique pendant la perestroïka
Olessia Kirtchik

In single file
Russian railroads and the Russian army as environmental protection agencies, 1858-1917
Stephan Merl

Wildscapes in Ballyhooland
Shock construction, Soviet colonization, and Stalinist governance
Christian Teichmann