Historia Agraria 69 (August 2016)

RHN 62/2016 | Publication

Table of Contents:

Graves, parishes and livestock farming: the genesis and evolution of the medieval landscape in the Sierra de Ávila mountain range (Spain)
Antonio Blanco-González & Iñaki Martín-Viso

The transhumance trade in the eighteenth century: the Rojas herd (1746-1808)
Emilio Pérez-Romero

The price of “modernity: the evolution of inequality in land ownership in the Buenos Aires countryside, 1839-1914
Daniel Santilli

Strategies and attitudes of local authorities towards land privatization in the interior of Spain (Ciudad Real, 1855-1910)
Ángel-Ramón Del-Valle-Calzado

From private to collective irrigation management: the case of Riegos de Levante
Martín Sevilla & Teresa Torregrosa

Gipuzkoan agrarianism and Basque nationalism (1920-1933)
Mikel Aizpuru

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