Gita Chaudhuri Prize – Women in rural environments

RHN 77/2016 | Opportunity

Western Association of Women Historians (WAWH) Awards: Gita Chaudhuri Prize

The Gita Chaudhuri Prize is an annual prize that recognizes the best monograph about the history of women in rural environments, from any era and any place in the world, published by a WAWH member.

A rural community is defined by a group of people who:

  • live in a given geographical area with its own natural resources serving as a major bedrock support to produce agricultural crops and food products (grains, meat, fish, poultry, egg honey etc.),
  • may make profits from surplus goods taken to markets, which may include making handicraft works (potteries, needleworks, quilts, paintings on a canvas etc.) as marketable commodities.

The committee is especially interested in projects that include rural women who:

  • create local employment opportunities for others,
  • service others within the community for maintaining daily lives,
  • build a prosperous future for themselves and their children while raising their families, and
  • work in small or large ways for the well-being of the community members while advancing in their own lives.

For details about the Gita Chaudhuri Prize and a list of previous recipients please visit the WAWH-Website.