Agricultural History 90 (2016), 3

RHN 88/2016 | Publication

Agricultural History, Summer 2016, 90:3

Table of Contents:

An Antipodean Apple Narrative: How Place and Time Evolved for the Market
Johanna Christensen, Don Garden, and Ruth Belin

Home Cures for Ailing Horses: A Case Study of Nineteenth-Century Vernacular Veterinary Medicine in Tennessee
Anthony P. Cavender and Donald B. Ball

Dorothy Schwieder: A Retrospective
Deborah Fink, Marvin Bergman, Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Valerie Grim, Joan M. Jensen, Anne Effland, and David Schwieder

A New Deal Personified: A. J. Hamman and the Cooperative Extension Service in Colorado
Douglas Sheflin

“Land Free from Tradition and History”: Dutch Social Democrats and the New Rural Order, 1918-1940
Liesbeth van de Grift