State and Food Supply during the wars (20th century)

RHN 105/2016 | Event

Organisers: Centre de recherches historiques - CRH, Equipe de recherches pour l'histoire du monde rural – ERHIMOR
25 November 2016, Centre d’histoire de SciencesPo, Salle du Traité, Paris, France

Journée d’étude
State and Food Supply during the wars (20th century)


09h00 – 12h30: Chair, Laurent Herment (CNRS, CRH, chair GDRI AAA)

A short introduction
Alain Chatriot (SciencesPo, Paris)

State and food supply during the Mexican Revolution (1911–1917): a case study in central Mexico
Alejandro Tortolero Villasenor (Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Iztapalapa)

Food instead of Alcohol. How WWI & II transformed a highly contentious issue into a project of cooperation between the state, farmers and the temperance movement in Switzerland
Peter Moser (Archiv für Agrargeschichte, Berne)

Neither support nor sabotage...negotiation! State and small farmers unions during the First World War in Italy
Niccolo Mignemi (Ecole française de Rome)

10h45 – 11h00: Pause

The food mobilisation in southern Tuscany during the First World War. Reflections on the sharecropping economic system crisis
Giacomo Zanibelli (Universidad Carlos III)

Feeding the occupied city: the organization of food politics by the Belgian and French mayoralty (1914–1918)
Jan Naert (Ghent University)

The food as political issue during and after WWI in Hungary. Institutions and discourses
Zsombor Bódy (PPKE BTK Budapest)

14h00 – 18h00: Chair, Alain Chatriot (SciencesPo, Paris)

Nitrogenous fertilisers in Great Britain during the two World Wars
Arnaud Page (Université Paris-Sorbonne)

Pig clubs and backyard chickens: the significance of urban producers in the UK in the Second World War
Paul Brassley (University of Exeter)

The British State directed food production campaign in the Second Wold War: the “unqualified success story”
John Martin (de Montfort University)

15h45 – 16h00: Pause

Food Production Campaigns in the Second World War: German-Annexed Austria and the United Kingdom in Comparison
Ernst Langthaler (University of Linz & Institute of Rural History, St. Pölten)

Financing of agriculture in General Government by State Agricultural Bank (1940–1944)
Mirosław Kłusek (University of Agriculture, Cracow)

The material situation of farmers in Poland occupied by Germany (1939–1945)
Robert Andrzejczyk (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń)