Historia Agraria 70 (December 2016)

RHN 115/2016 | Publication

Table of Contents:

The Spanish wine trade with England in the second half of the seventeenth century: towards constructing a new annual series and preliminary results
José Ignacio Martínez Ruiz

Reflexions on Joaquín Costa's agroecological views in light of new research on his agricultural corpus by Gómez Benito and Ortí
Eduardo Sevilla Guzmán

Companies and entrepreneurs in the Andalusian olive oil export business, 18861936
Salvador Hernández Armenteros, Juan Antonio Rubio Mondéjar and Jósean Garrués Irurzun

Rural police and agricultural labour maerket in the Spanish Second Republic: the case of Santa Marta (Badajoz), 1931–1936
Sergio Riesco Roche and Francisco J. Rodríguez Jiménez

The Mapuche conflict in Chile during the agricultural reform process: the case of the Cautín province between 1960 and 1973
Jesús Ángel Redondo Cardeñoso

Fighting for land, and the resulting memories of agrarian conflict in a community of Quilombola origin: Lagoa Santa, Ituberá, in Bahia, Brazil
Egnaldo Rocha Da Silva

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