Business History Review Special Issue on Food and Agriculture

RHN 17/2017 | Publication

Business History Review, October 2016, 90:3

A Special Issue on Food and Agriculture

Table of Contents:

Research Articles

Cataloging Nature: Standardizing Fruit Varieties in the United States, 1800–1860
Emily Pawley

Developing the Mexican Countryside: The Department of Fomento’s Social Project of Modernization
Casey Marina Lurtz

Building Brand Reputation through Third-Party Endorsement: Fair Trade in British Chocolate
Teresa da Silva Lopes

The Rise of Synthetic Colors in the American Food Industry, 1870–1940
Ai Hisano

Promoting Agriculture: Farmers, the State, and Checkoff Marketing, 1935–2005
Sarah Milov

Review Essay

Revisiting the History of Agribusiness
Shane Hamilton

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