Agricultural History Review 64 (2016), 2

RHN 36/2017 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2016, 64:2

Table of Contents:

Turf wars: conflict and cooperation in the management of Wallingfen (East Yorkshire), 1281–1781
David Crouch and Briony McDonagh

Beyond the flock. Sheep farming, wool sales and social differentiation in a sixteenth-century peasant society: the Campine in the Low Countries
Maika De Keyzer and Eline Van Onacker

Why was flour of poor quality? The impact of seigneurial laws and price controls on flour in Quebec during the colonial era
Vincent Geloso and Alexis Lacombe

At the cutting edge: edge tool production in southern and south-west England, 1740 to 1960
E. J. T. Collins

The loss of livestock, the issue of fodder supply and the problem of the commons: the impact of the extreme winter of 1962–63 on two upland hill-farming regions in England and Wales
James P. Bowen and John Martin