Call for Papers: Food and Agriculture

RHN 41/2017 | Call

Editors: Philipp Dorstewitz, Alexander Kremer, Dorota Koczanowicz

Upcoming special issue inPragmatism Today (December 2017)

Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2017

Any naturalist philosophy should consider its position toward the fundamental organic needs of the human existence. The question what kind of natural transaction is the eating of food is far from philosophically trivial. Yet food is more than ingestion of nutrients. The production, preparation and eating of food have ethical, symbolic, technological, political and aesthetic implications that are far reaching and critical for our future as a species.

The upcoming special issue in Pragmatism Today is dedicated to a wide range of topics concerning food and agriculture. Below list of questions is far from exhaustive:

  • What place should food production, preparation and consumption obtain in a contemporary democratic society?
  • What place should food education have in schools?
  • How do new forms of agriculture and food culture influence our political life?
  • How do agro-science and techno-foods impact our species?
  • What meanings do we attribute to our food?
  • How should we intelligently meet the challenges developments from techno-foods?
  • Who bears responsibility for famines or obesity pandemics?
  • How can a consequentialist/instrumentalist ethics condone the consumption of industrially produced animal products?
  • How do processed foods impact our aesthetics of eating, tasting and sharing meals?
  • How have contemporary food practices entered the arts?

In times when bio-fuel production threatens the food security of millions; when Dutch scientist pursue the in-vitro production of animal free meat products; when a researcher team from Columbia University has just unveiled the first 3D food printer, ethical, aesthetic, semiotic, technological and other philosophical questions surrounding food, and agriculture seem more pressing than ever.

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