Global Food History 3 (2017)

RHN 44/2017 | Publication

Global Food History, 2017, 3

Table of Contents:

Editorial Introduction
Jeffrey M. Pilcher

“Makanlah Nasi! (Eat Rice!)”: Colonial Cuisine and Popular Imperialism in The Netherlands During the Twentieth Century
Matthijs Kuipers

A Palatable Journey through the Pages: Bengali Cookbooks and the “Ideal” Kitchen in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century
Ishani Choudhury

“And Serve the Cause of Freedom”: American Food Conservation in the First World War
Justin Nordstrom

Traumatic Terroir: Food, Memory, and the Cultural Revolution in Hunan, China
Piotr Gibas

Qahwa and Kleiche: Drinking Coffee in Oral History Interviews with Iraqi Women in Diaspora
Nadia Jones-Gailani

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