Call for Papers: Environmental studies and social sciences. Temporalities, materiality, archives and inquiries

RHN 48/2017 | Call

Organisers: École française de Rome and École des hautes études en sciences sociales

24-27 October 2017, École française de Rome, Rome, Italy

Closing date for applications: 5 June 2017

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Workshop 
École française de Rome – École des hautes études en sciences sociales:
The Mediterranean: a laboratory of global history and globalization (3)
Environmental studies and social sciences: Temporalities, materiality, archives and inquiries

Over the last decade, environmental studies have strongly developed and generated numerous debates within the social sciences. The Anthropocene narrative – which portrays the Earth as having entered a new geological era, induced by an unprecedented geological action of humankind on a global scale – has sparked heated debates. It seems that the Anthropocene is now challenging the field of history. Such a hypothesis suggests not only that nature should be re-integrated into history, but also, and more radically, that one should reconsider the “humanist” foundations on which Western modernity was built, by dissociating ‘natural history’ and ‘human history’. In this critique of the very foundations of the discipline, the examination of a certain model for governing society and nature (that of the modern and industrial West) encounters, and is relayed by, a series of anthropological and scientific studies contributing to critically revising European modernity and its categories.

The workshop is open to PhD candidates and students in M2 (second year of Master’s) from all disciplines and all nationalities. Lectures in the morning will be followed by workshops based on presentations of students’ work in the afternoon. The seminars and presentations can be held in French, Italian or English.

Please send your application before June 5th, 2017.

Scientific committee: Alice Ingold (EHESS), Fabrice Jesné (EFR), Niccolò Mignemi (EFR), Silvia Sebastiani (EHESS).

For further information and for the pdf versions of this call in French, Italian and English please visit the website