Call for Papers: Economic and Social History Seminar Girona - Consumption, Food and Social Change

RHN 73/2017 | Call

Organisers: Centre de Recerca d’Història Rural of University of Girona, GDRI AAA “Agriculture, Approvisionnement, Alimentation” & Research Project “Neither elite nor poor”

29 June - 1 July 2017, Girona, Spain

Deadline for proposals: 20 May 2017

Call for Papers:
XXVIII Economic and Social History Seminar, Girona
Consumption, Food and Social Change

How have consumption patterns historically changed? What was the relative proportion of food products on the overall household consumption in the past? Analysing the evolution of consumption in history is a way to examine the trends of living standards, as well as social inequalities, in human societies. The role of food in relation to other consumption goods used to be different, in each historical context, according to the characteristics of the different social groups. Indeed, this role and the general evolution of consumption, which is not necessarily linear, have been conditioned by the opportunities given by the different conjunctures and historical contexts. These opportunities may have affected the existent social groups in different ways, to the extent to even transforming them into new social groups. The aim of this seminar is to join scholars that analyse these problems in concrete historical contexts, in order to answer the following question: what does data on consumption and food intake tell us about social change in history?

Centre de Recerca d’Història Rural of University of Girona
International Scientific Coordination Network (GDRI) AAA “Agriculture, Approvisionnement, Alimentation”
HAR2014-54891-P, “Neither elite nor poor. Middle classes and social change in countryside in historical perspective”, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

Researchers interested in presenting a paper at this seminar should send an abstract and a title before 20 May 2017 to Rosa Congost (