Agricultural History Review 65 (2017), 1

RHN 93/2017 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2017, 65:1

Table of Contents:

The role of demesnes in the trade of agricultural horses in late medieval England
Jordan Claridge

Fertilization by manure: a manor model comparing English demesne and peasant land, c.1300
Hugo J. P. La Poutré

The enclosure of the commons and wastes in Nantconwy, North Wales, 1540 to 1900
Frances Richardson

Feeding in the forest: How Scottish settlers learned to raise livestock in the old-growth forests of Upper Canada, 1814 to 1850
Elizabeth Ritchie

The spread of the potato blight in the Russian Empire, 1846 to 1852
Marten Seppel

World War I and the reconstruction of rural landscapes in Belgium and France: a historiographical essay
Dries Claeys