Natures in Between

RHN 108/2017 | Publication

Natures in Between. Special Virtual Edition of Environment and History,
containing a sample of past papers published in Environment and History since 1995

Table of Contents:

Introduction by Karen Jones

Commentary by Marco Armiero, Chair of the 2017 ESEH Programme Committee

Commentary by Dolly Jørgensen, President of ESEH

In Our Own Image: the Environment and Society as Global Discourse
Michael Redclift
Environment and History 1(1995): 111-123

The Two Cultures Revisited: Environmental History and the Environmental Sciences
Donald Worster
Environment and History 2(1996): 3-14

Gender and Environmental History: From Representation of Women and Nature to Gender Analysis of Ecology and Politics
Melissa Leach and Cathy Green
Environment and History 3(1997): 343-370

Environmental History and the Challenges of Interdisciplinarity: An Antipodean Perspective
Eric Pawson and Stephen Dovers
Environment and History 9(2003): 53-75

Weeds, People and Contested Places
Neil Clayton
Environment and History 9(2003): 301-331

Selling the Space Age: NASA and Earth’s Environment, 1958–1990
Kim McQuaid
Environment and History 12(2006): 127-163

Out of the Woods and into the Lab: Exploring the Strange Marriage of American Woodcraft and Soviet Ecology in Czech Environmentalism
Petra Jehlička and Joe Smith
Environment and History 13(2007): 187-210

Riding the Tide: Indigenous Knowledge, History and Water in a Changing Australia
Heather Goodall
Environment and History 14(2008): 355-84

Landscape and Ambience on the Urban Fringe: From Agricultural to Imagined Countryside
Joseph Goddard
Environment and History 15 (2009): 413-439

Uncertain Environments: Natural Hazards, Risk and Insurance in Historical Perspective
Uwe Lübken and Christof Mauch
Environment and History 17 (2011): 1-12

Endangered Species and Threatened Landscapes in Appalachia: Managing the Wild and the Human in the American Mountain South
Drew A. Swanson
Environment and History 18 (2012): 35-60

Renarrating a Biological Invasion: Historical Memory, Local Communities and Ecologists
Karen Middleton
Environment and History 18 (2012): 61-95

The Aesthetics of the Volga and National Narratives in Russia
Dorothy Zeisler-Vralsted
Environment and History 20 (2014): 93-122

Borderland, No-Man’s Land, Nature’s Wonderland: Troubled Humanity and Untroubled Earth
Peter Coates
Environment and History 20 (2014): 499-516

Engineering Edens on this ‘Rivered Earth’? A Review Article on Water Management and Hydro-Resilience in the British Empire, 1860s–1940s
James Beattie and Ruth Morgan
Environment and History 23 (2017): 39–63

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