Rural History 28 (2017), 2

RHN 162/2017 | Publication

Rural History. Economy, Society, Culture
Volume 28 – Issue 02 – October 2017

Table of Contents:

‘To Beare the Towne Harmles’: Manorial Regulation of Mobility and Settlement in Early Modern Lancashire
Chris Watson

One For the (Farm) Workers? Perpetrator Risk and Victim Risk Transfer During the ‘Sevenoaks Fires’ of 1830
Iain Taylor

Historic Global Commodity Networks: the Research Potential of Rubbish Dumps for the Study of Rural Household Market Access during the late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Derwin Gregory, Tom Licence

The Agricultural Credit System in the Ottoman Empire between 1863 and 1888
Sertaç Dokuzlu

Agrarian Debt in Rural Switzerland: Economic Causes and Political Responses (1890–1940)
Luigi Lorenzetti

Vanishing Peregrines: J. A. Baker, Environmental Crisis and Bird-Centred Cultures of Nature, 1954–73
Sean J. Nixon

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